Cancel & Refund

  1. Cancellation and Refund Policy 

  2. In an event you wish to discontinue your registration with the platform, then, you are allowed to do so after a written permission from our end and a notification of the same has been issued to you by the platform.
  3. The user shall not be entitled to make any payments once the cancellation has been confirmed by the buymystones platform. Also, no refunds shall be provided to the user as a refund of any amount paid by the user during its tenure of the service of the platform. 
  4. In case a user account is found to be inactive for more than a period of 9 months then, the account shall be suspended & put under review by the platform. In case, no activity such as activating listings or filters in witnessed by the platform during the 3 month review period, amounting the account to be inactive for around 12 months, the user membership shall be terminated and any amount present in the user account shall be forfeited making the user ineligible for making any claims for credits in his account after the termination period. 

Pricing and Services:

The charges for various services vary over different offerings. To know more about the offerings and pricing, please contact us.

Pricing and Services:

  • By accepting these terms of use the user allows buymystones to:
  • Access any information or data provided by the, by providing a lifetime royalty free license to the platform, to be used by the creators, partners, affiliates or subsidiaries of the platform. 
  • The company holds all the rights to save all or partial information or data provided by the user for the exclusive use of the platform as defined under the privacy policy section or terms and conditions section of the platform.
  • By using services and providing us your phone/mobile/landline number, you agree to receive all sales or service calls from our employees/partner/alliances notwithstanding your registration for NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry.
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